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BADA works to help the Cyclone Victims in Burma
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Alternatively, send checks made out to "BADA" to BADA, 1453 Marin Avenue, Albany, CA 94706. We will send you a receipt. 100% goes to Burma's cyclone victims! BADA appeals for donation;

Dominican University donates $5,000 to BADA's Cyclone relief efforts: More Info
Tibetan Community supports Burma, BADA's Cyclone relief efforts More Info 

Download BADA donation flyers: MS Word  PDF; Dominican University Support MS Word PDF

Why is BADA raising funds for the cyclone victims?

There are so many facets of this catastrophe in Burma, but one thing is clear: People in Burma are suffering and dying by the minute. These are now senseless deaths because there is relief for the cyclone victims waiting at the borders, which is being restricted by the Burmese military. All organizations in the Burmese community are stepping up and helping in this human crisis occurring in Burma.

 We are one hundred percent volunteer based, 501-c3 non profit organization that has been advocating freedom for Burma persistently since 2001. Food, water, and shelter are basic human rights, without which freedom would be hollow. We have a duty to our supporters to give them an avenue to directly help the cyclone victims in Burma.

 Where will your funds going to go? / How will your funds be used?

BADA will directly fund the people in Burma -- NGOs, groups and monasteries in Rangoon and Irrawaddy delta area that are directly providing relief in Burma. Monasteries and grassroots organizations are in the frontlines housing, feeding and caring for those in need. Your donation will empower and strengthen their ability to help themselves for many years to come.

Why should you donate through BADA instead of other organizations such as the Red Cross or UNICEF?

International aid organizations are immensely important, however, they will always be under tight restrictions from the military dictatorship. Therefore, for the very unique problem of Burma, the likes of which is shocking the international community, we are in fact more effective. Here are some unique advantages that we have over aid agencies:

1)   The regime has and will control, restrict, and seize aid at will from international agencies; but not ours as we get aid into Burma through our own network; completely bypassing the regime.

2)   The aid agency will have huge cost just to setup the operations. However, our people are already in the frontline doing rescue. Besides, we are a 100% volunteer based organization and have zero overhead as no one draws salaries.

3)   Our way of funding the grassroots will help people in the impacted area to become not only the receiver of the donation, but also the doer, helper and leader so that the communities are ready and prepared to face another challenge like this.

How does BADA get aid into Burma?

Money will be sent through informal channels to people directly helping rescue cyclone victims. It is imperative that we are discrete about exactly whom is receiving the funds. Receiving foreign money is grounds for imprisonment in Burma. However, we will inform you privately to the degree that we can without compromising the safety of the people involved and the security of our channels used to support the people of Burma.