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Dear All,

I am forwarding the following invite from the Secretary to all BADA members should you not receive it yet. Please join the meeting to continue to help guide the organization, as it will be 10 years old coming January. 

To give you all a head up on the agenda that we will need your input and guidance, I am providing my thoughts and input on each agenda as well as to seek yours.

Therefore, should you have your input, please send it to me and I will add it to this page:

Please also renew your membership here if you have not already done so:

- BADA mission and strategy

What is the BADA mission and a strategy to achieve it? The bylaw committee has been working on reviewing and revising it and the committee currently has the following as our new objective and purpose, a draft, for all of you to review and pre-approve

  1. To help restore democracy and human rights in Burma.
  1.  To provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Burma.
  1.  To inform, educate and raise awareness of the social, political, and economic situation in Burma to the American people.
  1. To promote culture, education, and social activities in the San Francisco Bay area Burmese Community.
  1. Aid the resettlement of new refugees and legal immigrants from Burma.


We should also talk about a strategy to achieve the above including planning a strategy meeting.

- The number of Board of directors (Need a vote)

What is the number of BADA board of directors? This is another item coming out of the bylaw law committee discussion. To review if current number of 15 board members is appropriate for BADA and which is the new number of board members. We plan to have a vote on it.

- Planning 10th anniversary of BADA and 2011 Annual General Meeting

How do we mark our 10 years anniversary? BADA would be 10-year-old non-profit coming January 7, 2011. Some  thoughts are to mark it along side  the Annual General Meeting or the Human Rights Day event by organizing these a a bit bigger. 

- New membership and youth participation/development

To plan to recruit new members and also developing BADA youths.

* How do we develop new generation of BADA?: Most of us who started and has been with BADA were born in Burma and has deep tie to the country.  However, we are getting aged and need to have younger generation and youths lined up. Unless we start earlier, many offspring of us who are born here will not have as deep a tie as we do to the Burma cause. There is no minimum age for the BADA member in our bylaw. What will be the minimum age for youths and should we also set up a committee such as BADA membership and youth development committee  and have membership role as BADA youth (Proposal).

* How do we reach out to Schools, Universities and Colleagues for new membership?: We should also think about and plan reaching out to the universities and colleagues in the Bay Area for collaboration as well as membership. We already has some connections as they attend our events and also invite us to their events to some degree, but BADA never has a plan or effort to reach out to them. Many such institutions already has professors, students and groups that have deep tie to Burma cause some how. How do we collaborate and network with them better? 

* How do we increase the participation of the membership in the BADA activities?

Thanks and regards,
Nyunt Than