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HELP Burma:
Annual Fundraiser to help humanitarian Projects Inside Burma

Please join us for a Burmese Food bazaar, Music and Cultural Performances to help fund the humanitarian projects inside Burma.

The event will be on Dec 12, 2010 at Newark Pavilion, 6430 Thornton Ave, Newark, CA 94560-3736, from 11am- 3pm.

This event is one of the ongoing projects of Project: Help Burma. This ongoing project includes series of fund-raising events initiated and organized by Volunteer Committee for PHB (Project: Help Burma) in San Francisco Bay Area and the committee members are concerned individuals and organizations from the community.

All the proceeds will go to people inside Burma who desperately need help in food, health care and other basic necessary things for survival.

Singer Miemie Winpe will perform with metta, but no entry fee.

More information: 
 Flyer with Food List

Last year fundraiser has helped fund the following organizations and projects inside Burma

Project Help Burma 2010 Grant Recipients - organizations inside Burma





Myitta-Yin-Kwin Children Development Center

Children Education Project


Thanlyin Methodist Church

Children Care for Christ Mission Hostel


Water, Research and Training Center (WRTC), Myanmar

Microcredit project for women in cyclone Nargis-affected area


Education Commission, Archdiocese of Yangon, Myanmar

Solar Installation at the Education Centers and Education Support


Ar Yon Oo Youth Development Center

Youth Development Program


Muslim Central Funds Trust (Muslim Baho Yan-pon ngwe)

Ismail Vanya Scholarship Fund


Lawka Alinka PyinNyar DarNa Foundation

Youth Education Development Program

Mohinga Memories

Few people I know could turn down a bowl of mohinga, the piquant, complex medley of rice noodles and other ingredients in a savory fish-based broth widely regarded as the country’s national dish.

Committee for Project Help Burma Concerned individuals & Organizations in the SF Bay Area

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Burmese Dance
The Burmese dance uses graceful and lively movements to tell a story. Whether it's a tale of ancient history, political strife, unwavering love or spiritual journeys, the Burmese dancer conveys emotion and action with the common postures of everyday life. The dance steps are executed very slowly with random burst of rapid leaps and movements. With colorful and elaborate costumes, it is clear to see how the Burmese dance has entertained for centuries, and because of its lasting legacy, a talented Burmese dancer is highly respected as a source of national pride.