Chinese Policies, Burmese Miseries

Protest At the Chinese Consulate
Cancel all
Dam's constructions for China in Burma!

In solidarity with Shwe Gas movement  that calls for a Global Day of Action against China on Nov 30th, the Save Irrawaddy SF Campaign committee invites you to join the protest at the Chine consulate to demand the cancellation of all Chinese irresponsible, destructive and greedy mega projects in Burma that loot as well as destroy Burma's natural resources.

Stop Chinese and Burmese regimes and greedy companies from looting and destroying the Burma's previous natural resources that belongs to the people!

When: Wednesday, November 30th, 2011; 11:30 am – 1 pm
Where: Chinese Consulate, 1450 Laguna Street, San Francisco

Contact: 510 552 9767; 650 834 0184; 415 420 1504;

Why: While the world is buzzing with news that “Burma is changing,” construction of dual oil and gas pipelines across the country are speeding ahead amid human rights abuses and rising ethnic conflict.  The pipelines are proceeding without consent of the people and will export massive gas reserves that Burma’s ailing economy desperately need to neighboring China.

The broad groundswell of concern that recently forced President Thein Sein to announce the suspension of the Irrawaddy Myitsone dam highlights the growing concerns about natural resource extraction projects in Burma and provides an example of what can be done when people raise their voices.

ver the past few years, the Shwe Gas Movement has been documenting abuses associated with the China-bound pipelines, and calling for a STOP to the Shwe Gas Project. This year we want to make our voices heard louder than ever.  Please join us on November 30 for a Global Day of Action targeting governments of China and Burma with a coordinated action at their overseas embassies. 

In the last few years, the Shwe Gas Movement has held a Global Day of Action to highlight how  the Shwe Gas Project is threatening livelihoods and causing human rights abuses in Burma.  In our latest report, “Sold Out” we document how the dual gas and oil pipelines cutting from the Arakan coast through Shan state and Central Burma have caused disruption and abuses in the local communities and is proving to be risky business for the companies themselves.

While public excitement grew around the suspension of the Myitson dam, we were less optimistic about the government’s announced suspension given that much of the construction was already at a standstill and the fact that the dam would have flooded an area the size of Singapore. We see this not as a victory but an opportunity  to highlight the need for all of Burma’s natural resources to be harnessed for development. As you may know, many natural resource extraction projects remain like the US$ 29 billion Shwe Gas Project we are fighting against.

This year our message remains the same and is strengthened by the international focus on natural resource exploitation in Burma. We would like to request your solidarity during a Global Day of Action on 30 November 2011.

This year, on November 30th, we are launching a Global Day of Action we will come together with diverse actions, public mobilization, and targeted advocacy to pressure Shwe Gas Project consortium companies from China, India and Korea, and governments to STOP THE SHWE GAS PROJECT & CHINA’S TRANS-BURMA OIL AND GAS PIPELINES.