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China's Policy, Burma's Misery!
Protest Rally at Chinese Consulate On Eve of Olympic Closing
To Highlight China's Role/irresponsible policies in Enabling Burma's Brutal Dictatorship


China is celebrating and making history by hosting world's precious Olympic that would be concluded coming weekends. However, we must not forget millions around the world who are suffering due to Chinese arms along with their diplomatic and economic support to brutal regimes. The suffering of the 50 million plus people in Burma under the brutal dictatorship is an outstanding example of abuse fueled by Chinese arms. China has also consistently stone walled any efforts in UN Security Council to take action against the brutal military regime in Burma.

China must act responsibly and help the people of Burma, not the dictators there --
No More China's military, economic and diplomatic support to Burma’s dictators!!!!

Please join us at a protest rally in front of the Chinese Consulate on Aug 23  to shed light on China's enabling of Brutal Dictatorship in Burma.

2-4 pm Saturday, August 23 
Chinese Consulate
1450 Laguna St, San Francisco, CA 94115

Download Flyer:

China Arm Sales to Rights Abusers like Burma military:
More articles on China linked to Burma dictators: Why China: 
Photos collection of 8888 uprising:

Among others, the following exhibit will be part of the actions:

Exhibit - China's Policy, Burma's Misery

The China's Olympic event is the triumph and success story of global human rights violators to continue their suppression and oppression towards its people as the world is ignorant enough to enjoy the show hosted by such dictators and tyrants. Come and witness the cry of Burmese artists from Burma of their opinion on such event. See  Cartoons and more info:

The exhibit will also include collection of photos and article of China's support to Burma Dictators! 

Nyunt Than
510 220 1323