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Last Sunday alone, 38 people were killed in Myanmar by the military and police. The death toll is almost 300 now according to the site,, which lists the details of each and every death. Let alone killings on the streets, there are many who have been killed in their own homes or offices.

Last Tuesday in Mandalay, a 7-year-old Muslim girl named Khin Myo Chit was shot while sitting in her father's lap after security forces kicked down the door to her family's home. The family later said they have to be in hiding as the military is trying to steal the body. The funeral was held yesterday.

The day before, also in Mandalay, Tun Tun Naing, 14, was shot to death by a sniper while he was locking the door. The bullet when through his heart. His parents are very poor, and he worked during school holidays to help his family.

The bullets they are using in Mandalay and elsewhere include a .50 caliber (12.7mm) shell, which is used in heavy machine guns or high caliber sniper rifles. They can penetrate even rail tracks.

In Yangon, they raided the "We Love Yangon" charity office firing guns, and a 35-year-old woman jumped (or was thrown) to her death while attempting to flee. In fact, a few weeks earlier, one of the leading foundations, 'Daw Khin Kyi' foundation, was raided and assets were taken. A week later, Ko Kyaw Thu's Free Funeral Services were raided, and people were beaten severely.

In the last few weeks, two NLD party members were arrested in the night, and the following morning, their families were asked to come to collect their bodies.

In Yangon, some people who can - including those close to me-are leaving the city to avoid military violence: arbitrary arrests, forced labor, beatings, shootings, and killings.

People are not backing down however, they are still peacefully protesting in any way they can at night, at dawn, or during the day. In fact, Yesterday, a nationwide silent protest emptied cities all across Myanmar, showing how determined the people of Myanmar are in their resolve to end military repression once and for all. I believe nothing is going to stop them. But they do need our help.

In solidarity,
Nyunt Than
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Nyunt Than
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