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San Francisco Burma Freedom Protest Was A Success

Media media coverage of our protest and actions:

About 50 people attended our protest today on Aug 28 in front of the Federal Building/the office of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in San Francisco. We were amazed that many people showed up amid being on week day. We also received my responses from those who could not join us; but their heart and mind are with us in supporting the people of Burma. It was obvious that many here were moved by the current events in Burma. Thanks to you all.


After half an hour of preparation, our protest started at about 11:30 and lasted until 1 pm. We had paper posters, large Daw Aung San Suu Kyi posters on vinyl (thanks to designer Ko Myoe Art), and banners and photos of political prisoners (distributed by AAPPB). Many of us wore the bamboo hats that make our group rather colorful.


Besides, we also have a very large piece of Than Shwe's head with military hat (We made this for Unocal Protest, but very useful here). On top of the dictator face, we put the sign that says "Down with Dictatorship Than Shwe".


As usual we chanted the slogans and often explaining to the passing motorists on why we were protesting (some even honked to us). We also distributed the various statements on the situations to onlookers and passers-by.


At bout noon , Mr. Dan Barnal, the district director of the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi came down for a speech. He echoed the statement made by Mr. Lantos, Chair of House Committee on foreign affairs, on current situation in Burma. He also stressed on the congress recent renewal of Sanctions on Burma . We also submitted our petition in support of 92 MPs letter to UNSG Ban Ko-moon. It was very thankful that he could join us with a very short notice.


Last, but not least, we were interviewed by BBC Burmese radio. It made our effort even more worthwhile. You can listen it here,

Please visit our website for more information including the photos gallery at or view the photos here:


All in all, it was a successful event despite being on weekday, having to plan urgently, and seek protest permit urgently and with short-notice invitations. We will do more to support the people of
Burma. Please join us again in the near future.
Towards Free Burma!


Nyunt Than